HTML Validator

HTML validator. Verifies HTML files for compliance with W3C standards and evaluates code quality against best practices.

HTML Validator is a tool that checks your HTML code for errors or mistakes. It's designed to help you ensure that your web pages are properly formatted, semantically correct, and accessible to users. HTML Validator is a great tool for website owners, developers, and designers who want to create high-quality websites that are easy to use and maintain.

How to Use an HTML Validator:

Using an HTML validator is a simple process. Here are the basic steps:

    Enter your website URL.

    Run the validator: Click the "Validate" button to run the validator. The tool will scan your HTML code and generate a report that lists any errors, warnings, or other issues.

    Review the results: Review the results of the validation report to see what errors or issues have been found. The report will highlight the line of code where the issue was detected and provide a brief explanation of the problem.

    Fix any errors or issues: Once you've reviewed the validation report, you can start fixing any errors or issues that have been identified. This may involve editing your HTML code, changing the structure of your web pages, or adding additional content to improve accessibility or user experience.

    Re-validate your HTML code: After you've made changes to your HTML code, it's a good idea to re-validate your web pages using the HTML validator. This will help ensure that you've fixed all the issues and that your web pages are compliant with HTML standards.